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I am born from emptiness.
– Berdhanya

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Berdhanya Swami Tierra is a much loved spiritual teacher, visionary, community builder, artist, author and international speaker who has founded multiple organizations and learning institutions dedicated to the upliftment of the thousands of people she has worked with over the last 25 years.

Berdhanya was born in the Caribbean coast of Colombia. Since childhood Berdhanya has demonstrated unique forms of thinking and perceived reality. Her opinions, life style and proactive social and cultural inputs have made her a creative inspiration in the arts scene and a challenger of the Latin-American social standards.

“Acting from what your mind believes is a deviation of the bountiful flow of life.”

Her natural capabilities to catalyse growth in others and to seek beyond the presented reality brought her to an earth based spirituality, which she began to practice in her early teens. Her shamanic gifts were soon displayed and have until this day a distinctive and profound relationship to other forms and dimensions of life.

“Earth dramas, wisdom and hopes are encoded in our existence, created by our choices, and healed by the intentions of our imagination.”

Berdhanya seeked the meaning of life with university studies, endless roads trips around the Americas and by sitting with eclectic teachers. She studied psychology in Colombia, languages in Canada, natural sciences (homeopathy and herbalism), and advanced studies in Kundalini yoga, meditation and Ayurveda in India, Brazil, The U.S, Colombia and Canada. This wellspring of education was not satisfying Berdhanya’s quest. She realized that the diversity of spiritual studies were just branches of a bigger reality and that they did not provide a complete understanding of what she already was perceiving.

Her mystical thirst centred her in studies with saints and teachers from different traditions. She has highlighted the inspiration received from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Swami Vishwananda, Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi Devi), Sufi teachers Neil Douglas Klotz and Rev. Tasmin Hermila Fernandez.

“The stillness of infinity speaks in the privacy of silence and is established through the correct perception of reality.”

Her inner seeking invited her to long silent retreats in north India and in the Canadian nature. A series of revelations and inner direction began to emerge in the upcoming years.

“Experiences can hunt you and distract you from the softness of what you already know”.

As Berdhanya was living a “ normal “ life as a mother, teacher and artist, her spirituality was taking shape to form a unique support system for those individuals interested in seeking self-liberation. A prolific body of work started to be expressed using a variety of media approaches and with a distinctive signature.

1997 was the year where Berdhanya founded in Canada the Bioenergetics’ Institute. Originally the space served as a platform for adults to consolidate their inner connection through courses, retreats, publications and artistic expression. The Bioenergetics’ Institute had 2 main branches: Club Yoga (children’s yoga program) and The Centre for the Living Arts, a multimedia space dedicated to educate, elevate and rehabilitate human consciousness through art. Presently the institute is run by her graduate students who offer various healing, artistic and teaching spaces for the general public.

“Children are encoded with new light and new fresh information. They are meant to be sovereign beings, free to express their mysterious wisdom”.

In 2000, she created ‘Club Yoga’, an organization that offered a training program suitable for both teachers and parents, to fortify children’s’ natural identity and abilities. Her love for children expanded to the creation of her book “BE ME BE HERE”, a sweet yoga manual for children. She also affiliated herself with an international charity: The Willka T’ika Children’s Fund, which was established in 1995. The foundation supports the education of Quechua children in remote Andean villages of Peru.

“Relax, allow: the universe is constantly smiling at the perfect creature you are.”

In 2010 she formalized her own style of teaching and guidance by creating “Bhuvaneswari’s Teachings”. It is an international platform that supports and inspires seekers using a broad and expansive series of audio training, retreats, web-based courses, public discourses and ‘Satsangs’, international journeys, regular magazine features and radio interviews. She teaches tirelessly, an average of 1500 hours per year.

“Each person comes with a destiny and each has a unique multidimensional background and expression. The fortification of inner aptitudes, the clarification of our individual role on the planet and the enfoldment of constant commitment brings the seeker to the activation of correct perception.”

Berdhanya’s teachings are unique, fresh and are not seen anywhere else on the planet. Her mystic revelations expose a clear body of work that supports natural living, self-empowerment and inner freedom. Her written work is printed in her book ‘Subconscious Core Alignments: A Practical Guide to Spiritual Realization’. The purity and simplicity of her teachings catalyse transformation in a manner, which is light and effective and yet blossom over time into expanded capacity, deep stabilization and emotional and spiritual maturation. One of the uniqueness of Berdhanya way of guidance is that the teachings are tailored to the needs of her audience.

“Awareness loves and is effortless”.

Berdhanya balances her teaching agenda with periods of reclusion in nature. She is an avid “translator” of information coming from our multidimensional existence to our human reality. She diffuses her teachings with a practical flavour and with a projected intention to bring wellness and awareness to multiple audiences.

“Our limited concepts get deposited in the cells of our bodies. The spirit needs space in matter to be grounded, to be integrated and to liberate the flesh from our ignorance.”

In 2011 Berdhanya formed a partnership with the School of Ayurveda and Panchakarma in Kannur India. Seekers complement their spiritual inquiry with this ancient healing science of purification and regeneration and from Berdhanya bioenergetics courses. They also get supported by one of Bhuvaneswari’s most visited blogs: ‘The Book of Taste’, which inspires her audience to celebrate the wisdom of Ayurveda and living. She also offers Ayurveda services in the Ottawa region.

“Without the reconstitution of the woman’s dignity, earth has no chance to conceive a future that imparts justice, nurturing and compassion.”

Berdhanya becomes fierce with the topic of empowerment of women. Since 2011 she has organised women empowerment gatherings, seminars and retreats in international and national scenes. Her blog. exposes empowering teachings to women.

Since 1985 her art work had being show in Korea, Canada, Colombia, Spain, USA in commercial galleries, museums private collections. Part of her abundant collection can be viewed here:

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“Thank you for the gift of your love and commitment to me and all of us that have been supported with your caring attention and guidance.
You are a treasure!”
– Peter




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