Arista Meditation

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SAM_14374  audio tracks and PDFCost $ 10.00 

Key words: Paradox, descendention, ascension, weak heart, dullness, fatigue, detox.

This 30 minutes meditation harmonize paradoxes.

There are many examples of paradoxes in the world of the seeker: the concept of male and female, the concept of linear time and the non-existence of time, the concept of matter and anti-matter, the concept of past and future, the concept of action and non-action. When these paradoxes are not truly integrated, they decay in the form of duality, separation and division. They solidify the core of ego rather than serving as a platform for ascension.


4 audio tracks and 5 pages in PDF.

To learn: What is the membrane of Arista

Anatomy of the membrane of Arista.

Activating the Membrane.

How to do the meditation.

2 guided meditations.


What do you need for this meditation

After your payment you will received all 5 files at once.  You will be able to download it into your computer and play it at the time of your convenience. Downloads have a week expiration date. An additional $ 10.00 will be charge if missing the download expiration date.

You will need:

·      Your notebook, headphones,

·      Your private space

·      And a meditation shawl or blanket.

Cost and payment

Cost $ 10.00


“ Powerful mediation!  When we separated from “the holy one,” I started to cry and my bottom lip was trembling.  Then, as I pulled back even further, I experienced nothingness, emptiness and a great sense of peace and a deep relaxation took over.  There were no labels in this space…just pure being.It is amazing to me just how powerful the transmission of the teachings are in the recordings.  “ Satkiana
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