Cellular Breathing Audio Course

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Audio and PDF Cost $ 85.00 


This 5 hour audio course provides you with a simple daily practice using breath, intention and awareness of the Earth bodies.


This course offers a 15-minute practice to recharge and regenerate your system. It feeds the earth bodies and supplies them with harmony and balance. It also releases impurities accumulated in the central channel and serves as a basis for enhancing your presence.

Key words: Cellular healing, cellular memory, cellular regeneration, earth bodies flow, chronic illness, fatigue, radiation,



Our central channel is a vehicle of endless energy, constantly available to us. When we are unaware of its wealth, we waste our vast potential for healing, vitality and longevity. We can learn to consciously direct this energy to specific aspects of our being, for great benefits in our health and wealth.

The practice offers profound effects in revitalization, harmony and expansion, serving as a foundation for inner balance and general well being. Practicing cellular breathing enhances the plasticity and health of the cellular system. It also offers a support and suppleness to the etheric, emotional and mental bodies.




You will received your full course at once. You will be able to download it into your computer and play it at the time of your convenience. Downloads have a week expiration date. An additional $ 10.00 will be charge if missing the download expiration date.


Tips to enrich your course

You can choose to do the entire course in one day or two or three days, provided they are not too far apart.
This course is a recording of a life class with Bhuvaneswari. Each audio segment of this class takes you deeper into the understanding of the earth bodies and the cellular breathing practice. The audio has the flavor of a classroom and has a active Q&A with students.


Table of content


  •     8 pages PDF Orientation
  •    Bhuvaneswari Yoga to warm up your central channel – 16 minutes audio
  •    What is cellular breathing? – 30 minutes audio.
  •    Q & A with Bhuvaneswari – 41 minutes audio.
  •     Description of the cellular breathing technique – 13 minutes audio.
  •     Review of the Earth bodies – 19 minutes audio.
  •    Guided cellular breathing for wholeness and expansion – 26   minutes audio.
  •    Student comments – 6 minutes audio
  •    Guide to cellular breathing practice for every day – 15 minutes audio.
  •    Total audio minutes : 150




“I have taken so many meditation classes with Bhuvaneswari that I have long stopped counting them. But I can say that they all had an impact at the moment I took them, including the cellular breathing. Others, like the Practical Awakening, Unification, Sha and Three Powers meditations have and continue to sustain me on a daily basis. I can’t imagine what my life would be like without them.” – Samyukta


After the practice of cellular breathing, it feels as if a rich conditioner has been applied to my earth bodies. I am nourished, relaxed and expanded”.Bala
“This course ( cellular breathing) is one of my absolute favorites! I find it so refreshing, renewing and nourishing, like my whole structure has being bathed in a rich conditioner. There is more wholeness and more tranquility. Thank you”. Serena.
“Very powerful technique! What a change!” Christine


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